Rare early Rolex 6239 cosmograph from 1964


Beautiful Rolex 6239 cosmography from 1964
Those early 6239 have such nice small details they only used for short period of time.
And that make those early Rolex cosmograph more special  than the later one’s 
1 first the 300km bezel,used till around 1966.
but this one still has the  star cutting finishing (like a Rolex 1655 bezel).
this type off finishing of the bezel is only for 1963 and 1964, after that they are polished. 
2 Longer minut hand.
3 Sub dials are silver finish  and they are more deep   (after 1965 they are white finish).
4 -T swiss T- only in 1964
5  short pushers like the Pre -Daytona 

This Cosmograph has also the last 3 digits from the serial in the case back.
It mean that it was a special order from Rolex.
The watch is fount in South America, So I think it is a Cosmograph that was deliver to the FAP Fuerza Aerea Del Peru.
But probable they have polished the engraving out of the case back.


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