Vinatge Boucheron Reflet from the 70's

Boucheron, the renowned French fashion house, has a rich history in watchmaking that reflects various artistic eras. Boucheron transitioned to the Art Deco aesthetic, characterized by clean lines and cubism

The Reflet introduced in 1947 Notably, Boucheron demonstrated an obsession with wristwatch attachment mechanisms, patenting groundbreaking clasp systems. Engravings like "BT 908247" or "BT 1203255" on Boucheron casebacks represent unique French patent numbers, distinguishing them from conventional watch designs. These patents introduced novel concepts such as single-piece straps that could be detached by sliding a "lug."This makes the Boucheron Reflet a real design classic!!

This pice is in great condition, it will come with a extra oringinal Bucheron strap

size is 36mm / 22mm




6200 euro

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